Lancet Commission: Household Air Pollution


This Lancet Commission report discusses the toxic effects of household air pollution (HAP), ways to measure pollution, and solutions to tackle the problem. The report focuses on low- and middle-income countries. Nearly 3 billion people worldwide are exposed to the threat of HAP every day from the use of solid fuel for cooking, heating, and lighting. HAP is a major contributor to global figures for morbidity and mortality, with major effects on respiratory symptoms and disease.

Companion resources include a podcast discussing the background and highlights of the commission, and a video on how household air pollution is now the number one environmental cause of death in the world and how this burden of air pollution is closely associated with both poverty and disease, particularly respiratory diseases. A linked comment article reminds readers that HAP can also occur in high-income countries. 


Gordon SB et al. Respiratory Risks from Household Air Pollution in Low and Middle Income Countries. The Lancet Respiratory Medicine 2014; 2: 823–860. DOI: