WHO Fact Sheet: Palliative Care


This fact sheet from the World Health Organization (WHO) provides information on the critical need, availability, and accessibility of palliative care around the world. Palliative care is an essential component of a comprehensive response to noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), as outlined in the WHO Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs 2013–2020. Yet, nearly 85 percent of people in need of palliative care do not receive it. In 2014, the first-ever global resolution on palliative care, World Health Assembly Resolution WHA67.19, called upon the WHO and Member States to improve access to palliative care as a core component of health systems.

Learn more by reading the WHO fact sheet that summarizes key results of the 2015 WHO NCD Country Capacity Survey about funding, national policies, availability of oral morphine, and provision of services through primary care and home-care.


Palliative Care. Fact Sheet. World Health Organization 2016. http://www.who.int/ncds/management/palliative-care/palliative-care-NCDs/en.