The Independent Television Service (ITVS) is a producer of independent films for public media, with films, documentaries, and television series focused on arts and culture, democracy and human rights, diversity and identity, and health and the environment. Many of the films are accompanied by teaching materials and community engagement tools, and ITVS works with partnering organizations—such as PBS LearningMedia and Women & Girls Lead Global—to produce and distribute educational content.

Community Classroom is an innovative and free resource for educators, offering short-form film modules adapted from ITVS's award-winning documentaries and standards-based lesson plans for high school and community colleges, NGOs, and youth organizations. Many of the collections are highly relevant to the social determinants of global health, such as Women, Girls, & the Criminal Justice System, Women’s Empowerment, and A Path Appears which explores barriers to opportunity for women and girls locally and globally, or Homestretch which follows the trajectory of three youths experiencing homelessness. Other collections explore cross-cutting issues such as human rights and climate change, such as The Island President which tracks the challenges faced by President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives.


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