CFR Campus


CFR Campus, an education portal offered by the Council on Foreign Relations, shares teaching notes and multimodal cases that are grounded in the organization’s mission to promote greater literacy about international affairs. The teaching notes explore current issues highlighted in CFR publications through questions, writing prompts, and classroom activities, and can be searched by topic and region.  

CFR also provides Model Diplomacy, designed to help college and high school students, educators, and others develop the knowledge, skills, and perspective required to be informed citizens in the contemporary context of globalization. CFR focuses on topics that highlight issues of global importance, reflect current concerns on the U.S. foreign policy agenda, and are likely to remain there for the foreseeable future. The case studies all include a hypothetical decision point, and are enriched with multimodal companion resources. Many are relevant to important issues influencing global health, such as global climate change policy and humanitarian intervention in South Sudan.

Stay tuned for a new initiative called World 101 which is expected to provide modules on fundamental topics in international relations or foreign policy and a full suite of teaching resources.


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