The Learning Network


The Learning Network, an education portal by The New York Times, publishes daily classroom, learning, and engagement resources that correspond to articles and other multimedia published on Educators can search for relevant lesson plans by subject area or by current events, like one about the opioid epidemic in the U.S. One of GHELI’s favorite resources, many of the topics and issues found in the Learning Network are relevant directly or indirectly to the most pressing global and public health challenges of our times. While targeting high school students, materials can be easily adapted for college and graduate students. 

Educators interested in integrating current events into their classrooms and online engagement communities can leverage the Learning Network’s “Article of the Day,” which shares in-depth discussion questions for starting current conversations.

Students can also participate in safe online conversations through opinion and picture writing prompts, on timely topics like mental health and racism. All activities for students, as well as all the content from The New York Times to which they link, are free and accessible without a digital subscription.


The Learning Network. The New York Times.