Global Food Policy Report 2018


This report from the International Food Policy Research Institute examines the global state of food policy in 2017, outlining major developments made and progress achieved. This year’s report focuses on the impacts of greater global integration—including the movement of goods, investment, people, and knowledge—and the threat of current anti-globalization pressures.

The report examines several timely topics related to global food security and sustainability, including the roles of trade and investment in improving food security and food systems; the impacts of migration; the potential of greater data availability to improve agriculture and food security; and the ways policy and regulation—from national farm-support policies to global governance structures—can address food security and nutrition at the local, regional, and global levels. It includes data tables and visualizations for several key food policy indicators, including country-level data on hunger, agricultural spending and research investment, and projections for future agricultural production and consumption. It is accompanied by a synopsis, downloadable data tables, and a series of food policy indicator infographics.


2018 Global Food Policy Report. International Food Policy Research Institute 2018.