Food Insecurity Report 2017


This report from Feeding America, the nation’s largest nonprofit hunger relief organization, summarizes the latest data on overall and child food insecurity in the United States at the state, county, and congressional district level. As of 2015, 42 million people in the U.S. lived in food-insecure households and 13 million were children. The report is intended to influence government policy makers and is based on USDA Economic Research Service data. It is accompanied by individual, downloadable state-wide profiles as well as an interactive online tool, “Map the Meal Gap,” which maps the locations where food insecurity exists in the U.S. Also available are research findings on hunger among teenagers, Latino, and senior populations; information on the relationship between hunger and diabetes; guidelines for hunger-relief program evaluation; and links to previous food insecurity reports since 2011.


Map the Meal Gap 2017: Highlights of Findings for Overall and Child Food Insecurity. Feeding America 2017.